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My goal is to create a positive impact and make a lasting impression on my peers, colleagues, clients, and, most importantly, the end-users and customers who benefit from the products and services provided by my clients.

An adaptable creative with a passion for emerging technologies in the digital industry. With knowledge and expertise from a multi-industry background (Industrial Engineering, E-Commerce & Business Management) and over two decades of industry experience.

I have acquired international exposure, having worked in Europe, America, and Asia, managing client expectations, conducting research, and managing multifaceted projects.

Work Experience

  • Senior User Experience Consultant
    Nov 2018 – Dec 2023

    As a Senior UX Consultant at Topcoder (Wipro), I significantly contributed to the success of diverse projects and elevated the user experience across various platforms.

    I played a pivotal role in helping clients build innovative applications and enhancing the usability of their existing platforms.

    My responsibilities included effectively managing a dynamic, multidisciplinary team while concurrently overseeing multiple projects.

  • Content UX Consultant & Developer
    Aug 2012 – Mar 2018

    I led the development of an internal CMS platform at LexisNexis, which facilitated the management of extensive content styling and presentation rules.

    Collaborated with cross-functional teams to gather requirements and ensure alignment with business objectives and user needs.

    Translated design concepts into functional interfaces using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, enhancing user-friendliness and customisation options.

    Demonstrated strong leadership and project management skills, coordinating with teams to meet deadlines and deliverables.

    Provided comprehensive training and support to end-users, driving smooth adoption and utilisation of the CMS platform organisation-wide.

  • UX / UI & Front-end Developer
    Aug 2012 – Aug 2013

    I served multiple roles within a year-long contract at Allianz Insurance, demonstrating versatility and adaptability.

    As a Front-End Developer, I worked alongside colleagues on Adobe CQ5 and AEM, building and enhancing user experiences on the main and partner platforms.

    Took on responsibilities as a User Interface Designer, creating visually compelling designs and branded assets for the public-facing website.

    Collaborated within an internal agency environment, leveraging teamwork and creativity to produce high-quality digital assets aligned with brand guidelines.

    Demonstrated agility and proficiency in transitioning between roles, effectively meeting project requirements and exceeding expectations.

  • Cloud Hashing [Entrepreneural Project]
    Aug 2010 – Aug 2012

    I led a team of developers in building one of the first Bitcoin MaaS (mining as a service) platforms.

    Peernova ultimately acquired it in 2014.

  • Interactive Developer
    Aug 2007 – Aug 2009

    At PartyGaming, I developed several website campaigns, microsites, email marketing, and online advertising. I also worked with external agencies and B2B clients such as ITV, X-Factor, Emmerdale, and Channel 5.

    Delivered high-quality creative solutions for all brand elements and set new design benchmarks

    Introduced a more systematic approach to project asset management, which reduced delivery time and made sharing resources easier.

    Influential in communicating design justification for projects

  • Front-end Developer & Business Consultant
    Sep 2004 – Aug 2007

    Successfully spearheaded front-end development projects and provided user experience consulting for over 7 years, independently and with boutique agencies, demonstrating a proactive and self-starting approach.

    Developed intuitive user interfaces and compelling digital experiences by deeply connecting with users’ needs and preferences, resulting in increased user engagement and satisfaction.

    Applied my natural creativity and strategic thinking to craft effective e-marketing strategies, leading to notable improvements in brand visibility and customer engagement.

    Established strong connections with clients and stakeholders, facilitating open communication and understanding of their objectives, which ultimately led to the delivery of tailored solutions.

Education & Certifications

Fields of expertise & interests

  1. Application Paradigm Design

  2. Blockchain

  3. Copywriting

  4. Creative Consultation

  5. Customer Experience

  6. Digital Business Consultation

  7. E-commerce

  8. Music Composition

  9. Product Design Ideation

  10. Sound Engineering

  11. Story Writing

  12. Rapid Prototyping

  13. User Experience Research

  14. User Interface Design

  15. Web Design & Development