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Browse through completed projects to see the diverse range of work I’ve done. From web development and design to business consultation and branding, my portfolio showcases tangible results of effort spent in summary.

Happaning is the go-to platform for discovering and sharing real-time insights into events and locations worldwide, using cutting-edge technology to bridge the gap between virtual and physical interactions. Happaning aspires to positively impact people’s lives by enabling them to Live More Fully, Connect More Deeply, And Experience More Joy.

  • Adobe XD

  • Figma

  • Maze Testing

  • Sketch

  • MarvelApp

I spearheaded the prototype development for Happaning’s flagship application, guiding it through beta to alpha stages and conducting vital user testing sessions.

Additionally, I devised a feature qualification framework, prioritising enhancements based on their impact on user experience versus development costs. These efforts optimised the development process, ensuring a user-centric focus and successful application launch.

In 2018, BT opened a new lab at its R&D headquarters in Suffolk to help providers of ‘special services’. The move to the next generation of digital phone systems saw an opportunity to optimise the experience of its field engineers. I was involved in one of the early projects, exploring how leveraging augmented reality tech could shorten the learning curve for field engineers.

  • Adobe Premier

  • AR/VR Engine

  • Machine Learning

  • MarvelApp

  • Maze Testing

  • Project Management

  • Python Programming

  • Sketch

By engaging with representatives from the end user group, I was able to capture the core requirements and understand the problem statement. I spearheaded the process of ideating solutions for the field engineers and tested and validated initial concepts before initiating the prototype development.

Objective: Design & development of an iOS prototype to help create a modern and intuitive user interface that allows users (field engineers) to log completed actions
undertaken during a service call.

The project involved Machine Learning tools, programming AI to recognise specific devices based on image composition and being able to provide contextual service information for field engineers readily.