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Browse through completed projects to see the diverse range of work I’ve done. From web development and design to business consultation and branding, my portfolio showcases tangible results of effort spent in summary.

The project’s task was to help design an augmented reality (AR) experience that engages and informs consumers about vehicle protection products available with their vehicle purchase. The design should show how the application will function in front of a vehicle or, if not available, a virtual vehicle.

  • Adobe XD

  • Figma

  • Maze Testing

  • Sketch

  • MarvelApp

  • PowerPoint

  • Slack & Miro Board

  • Various design options were provided and validated through micro-tests and in-depth discussions with focus groups.
  • In-depth exploration of initial ideas, helping to define and develop scope further
  • The quality and variety of design options were unique.

The final designs defined functional requirements for the development phase. The completed prototype, functional on iOS and Android was presented to the CIO conclave at the dealer’s conference in February 2020.

The challenge of managing the delivery on an existing platform meant every feature had to be properly managed and tested in isolation and unison with the existing build to avoid multi-layered functions that may only be obvious to legacy users.

  • Project Management

  • Sketch

  • Data Viz

  • Machine Learning

  • MarvelApp

  • Maze Testing

Objectives for the project: To enhance the existing data visualisation platform to achieve the following

  • Distinguish between Actuals and Predictions when comparing forecasts
  • Simplify Data Upload
  • Compare Baseline with Forecast – graphs, intuitively
  • Display Forecast Confidence Intervals
  • Compare Baseline and Forecast – KPIs visualisation
  • Forecast KPIs